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General Management

Monika Vogel

...founded MedVo. She is responsible for finance, accounting & HR management.

Charly Vogel co-founder of MedVo and responsible for strategic alignment. He holds a degree in business administration and has more than 35 years of experience in marketing & communication in leadership positions of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Office Assistant

Laura Cerny

...joined MedVo in 2011. Laura is a trained foreign language correspondent. Her position is the hub of our internal and external communication.

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Planning and graphics

Max Haubold in our team since 2017. He is planning the boothes and creates the suitable graphics. In addition, he is a technician for our exhibition stand construction all over the world.

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Production, Assembly & Logistics

Martin Masuch working for the company since 2011. Martin is a trained carpenter. He is the head of our production, assembly & logistics department.

Jörg-Udo Schmidt

...belongs to the team since 2017. Jörg works in our production department in Lahntal/Goßfelden as well as a technician for our exhibition stand construction all over the world. 

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Freelancers & Internships


We have a solid base of freelancers who work for us project related at home and abroad. If you are interested in working for us as a freelancer, please announce yourself at the following e-mail address:


We are always looking for motivated and commited interns. If you are interested in an internship at MedVo, please contact us:

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