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International projects accompanied the story of MedVo since the very beginning in 1985. Since then they are a central component of our services and expertise.

We have 30 years of experience in the realisation of projects all over the world. We guarantee our clients the same precision, qualitiy and planning security - everywhere.

Besides a smooth and reliable building up and dismanteling of your exhibition stand or event our team is on-site during the show at any time to assist you.

Where we have already been...

Amsterdam   Antalya   Athens   Barcelona   Basel   Berlin   Boston   Bremen   Brisbane   Bruxelles   Chicago   Denver   Dresden   Dubai   Düsseldorf   Florence    Frankfurt   Genf   Glasgow   Hamburg   Houston   Innsbruck   Istanbul   Cape Town   Copenhagen   Kuala Lumpur   Lausanne   Leipzig   Lisbon   London   Los Angeles   Malta   Melbourne   Miami   Munich   New Orleans   Orlando   Oslo   Paris   Philadelphia   Prague   San Diego   Sao Paulo   Singapur   Sydney   Taipei   Toronto   Valencia   Vancouver   Washington   Vienna be continued.

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